To me, to you: Hilarious moment two crabs play tug of war over snake

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the hilarious moment two crabs play tug of war over a snake.

Photographer Amisha Gupta, captured the crabby crustaceans while diving in a cave with a few friends in Gato Island, Philippines.

Captured in early March, the hermit crab and the decorator crab, slowly but surely fight between themselves over the banded krait.

With the hungry hermit crab attempting to drag the krait carcass away, the decorator crab slowly nibbles at the other end.

Spotted by his diver guide, the two crabs would continue fighting over the carcass until the full carcass is consumed.

Amisha said: “I’ve never seen something like this before and it is unlikely I’ll ever see it again.

“Crabs are scavengers so finding them around marine carcasses isn’t unusual.

“This behaviour is common but not easily seen while diving and to see them fighting over a banded sea krait is definitely extraordinary.”