Tiny mice captured climbing wheat sheafs in dorset


A group of adorable tiny mice have been captured climbing wheat sheaves in Dorset.

Dean Mason, 52, from Wimborne, Dorset, took the images in his local area late last month.

Pic by Dean Mason/Caters News

The photographer couldn’t resist taking photos of the harvest miceĀ clambering and climbing on wheat sheaves in rural Dorset.

One mouse so is relaxed he appears to be flossing his teeth while balancing on the wheat.

He added: “My favourite image is a harvest mouse between two sheaves and holding on to the top ear of corn.

Pic by Dean Mason/Caters News

“All the images show harvest mice going about their business, climbing up and down wheat sheaves.

“Harvest mice are the most incredible mammals, acrobatic and so very versatile with their prehensile tails that act as a 5th limb.

“Fascinating to watch and photograph as they go about their business climbing up and down stems to their heart’s content.”