Tiny harvest mice show their playful side – clambering over conkers and seeking refuge in apples

By Mikey Jones

These tiny harvest mice were happy to show their playful sides as they clambered over conkers and hid inside apples.

The delightful autumnal images were captured by talented snapper Alex Meek, in Scarborough, UK.

PIC BY Alex Meek / Caters news –

In this beautiful collection of images, the cute creatures can be seen enjoying the season, darting in and out of crunchy leaves, climbing on conkers and seeking refuge inside apples.

The 31-year-old said: “I love the autumnal colours so I wanted to incorporate them with the mice and they worked perfectly together

PIC BY Alex Meek / Caters news

“People love the photos I always get a great reaction to them.

“They will often say ‘they can’t be that small’ or ‘they’re so cute.'”