Tiger tumbles from tree after missing monkey

This tiger tumbles to the ground after being too slow to catch a fast food lunch.

The striped beast had spied a mother monkey and her baby resting at the top of a tree, and decided the two of them would make a tasty treat.

After a tense standoff between the tiger and the monkey in the highest branches, the tiger decided to make a move and lunge forward.

However, up above the dusty ground, the monkey was truly in her element and was able to swiftly dart out of the way and carry her baby to safety.

Such was the speed she moved, the tiger lost balance and crashed to the ground, before lying on the floor and panting in defeat.

The dramatic scene was captured up close at the Jim Corbett National Park in India by Japanese safari enthusiast and Youtuber who goes by the name WildDog Botsie.

Botsie, from Tokyo, said: “I was the first one to spot the tiger so I shouted out loud. I immediately started filming as our tour guide and driver scrambled to get us closer to the action.

“We got to see the tiger fall and walk away. It was far better than what we had been hoping to see, and even our guide, who said he had 16 years of experience, had never seen anything like it.

“Everyone in the car was very excited, and afterwards we toasted each other for sharing such a great experience.”

Although younger tigers often enjoy playing in trees, it is a lot less common to spot adults climbing tree tops as they are often far too heavy for the thinner branches.

That made the rare site even more special for Botsie and her husband, who had travelled to India specifically to see tigers.

She said: “We prayed the whole time that we would find a tiger on the safari and hardly stopped for other animals.

“When we saw this I was really torn between filming it and enjoying the moment!

“All the while I was fascinated by the scene in front of me, and I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

“We were really, really lucky.”