Thousands of starlings perform mesmerising murmuration above pier

By Ellie Duncombe

Thousands of starlings performed a mesmerising murmuration above waves crashing below.

Flowing like the sea underneath them off the West Pier in Brighton, Sussex, the frolicking flock climbed and dived in perfect unison.

With Louise Yates watching on during the sunset of November 1, the feathered friends danced their way over the burned-out shell of the pier.

Expanding and coming back together as if tied together with string, the starlings carried on with their show for a further 25 minutes after sunset.

Pic by Louise Yates / Caters News

Louise said: “I am actually quite scared of birds, especially if they come too close.

“But I defy anyone not to be amazed at these starlings showing off.

“They are the best free nightly show going around.

“I have seen them do this many times, but the numbers seemed to be growing year on year.

“It seems to depend on the weather how many of them come out to play though.”