Egg-cellent fishing – Bear catches salmon sending up spray of spawning eggs

By Laura Dale

This salmon BEAR-LY stood a chance.

The beautifully coloured sockeye had survived the swim from the ocean to Lake Kurile in Kamchatka, Russia, to spawn the next generation.

But just before she could lay her eggs she was swept up by a hungry brown bear.

The giant predator had made the trip to the lake in anticipation of the massive haul of food.

Pic by Jon Langeland / Caters News

Seizing the salmon between his teeth the bear violently shakes its head, sending up a spray of fresh water and eggs.

Satisfied with the catch, it then pads out of the lake to enjoy its meal nearby.

The scene was captured by Norwegian dermatologist and amateur wildlife photographer Dr Jon Langeland.

Dr Langeland said: “My main hobby is travelling around the world and photographing wild animals in their natural surroundings.

Pic by Jon Langeland / Caters News

“In August when the salmon swim up the rivers of Kamchatca in their thousands to spawn in the lake, the brown bears come to fill their stomachs.

“I took an eight-and-a-half hour flight to Eastern Russia to be able to get up close to the bears.

“It was worth it, as I managed to capture a bear twisting around in a massive spray of water and red eggs that were lost before spawning.

Pic by Jon Langeland / Caters News

“I was only about 20 metres away when the bear made its catch, lying flat on the ground on the edge of the lake.”