This is no time for a catnap! Hilarious moment owner tests pets devotion by pretending to be dead only for it to do the same

This is the hilarious moment an owner testing his cats’ devotion by playing dead is stumped when the pet does exactly the same.

Testing out how his much-loved moggies Sparta and Loki would react if he was seriously ill, Cory Williams falls to the ground faking an illness at home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Pic by: Cory Williams/Caters News: Cory Williams pretends to die

Face down on the wood floor, Sparta, 10 – star of the viral video ‘The Mean Kitty Song’ – slowly starts to investigate while Loki sits on the stairs.

After some very cursory sniffs of Cory’s hands and fingers, Sparta quickly becomes bored and lies down next to the sofa and closes his eyes.

Pic by: Cory Williams/Caters News: The cat called Sparta comes over and plays dead next to him at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Even after his devoted owner sits up and asks ‘really dude?’, the carefree cat simply rolls over on to his back and dozes off again.

Cory said: “I really wanted to test out what Sparta would do if I just dropped dead one day.

Pic by: Cory Williams/Caters News

“I held my breath for as long as I could but I’m sure he would hear my heart beating.

“Sparta acted how I thought he would.

“I figured he’s either lay on me and meow for help.

Pic by: Cory Williams/Caters News

“It did surprise me when he rolled over and played dead himself.”