This happy goat faints whenever he gets too excited!

Pic from Caters News

This adorable goat FAINTS whenever he jumps on a swing – because he gets too excited.

The goat, called Ricky, suffers from a genetic disorder which causes his muscles to stiffen when he is excited or nervous.

Owner David Taneyhill, from Ohio, filmed Ricky and his sibling Lucy jumping on a garden swing, but it proved too much for Ricky who fainted and fell off.

David, 38, said it’s also common for the pair to faint during feeding time.

He said: “They have a genetic disorder, myotonia congenita, that causes their muscles to stiffen for a few seconds when excited or panicked.

“They don’t actually faint or lose consciousness and they tend to faint less when they get older, because they learn to spread their legs and balance.

Pic from Caters News

“Our tan goat Lucy has only fainted two or three times since we got her but Ricky faints a couple times a week.”

David, who lives in Cleveland, added: “It definitely worried us the first few times, but you start to realise that it doesn’t hurt them.

Pic from Caters News

“They just get up and shake it off.

“It is still scary when they faint off something they jumped on, but then again Ricky hasn’t learned his lesson about jumping on the swing, so it can’t hurt that badly.”

Pic from Caters News