This bird can walk on water

Pic by Carles Maso Vares / Caters News 

This majestic bird can be seen gracefully running along the water.

The Little Egret, also known as an Egretta Garzetta, can be seen walking on the wateryou’d expect to see it swimming on.

Dancing along the water, in search for food, this bird is likely making all of its friends jealous.

The holy bird was caught strutting along the water in Catalonia in Spain by Carles Masó Varés.

Pic by Carles Maso Vares / Caters News 

Carles said: “It was sunset time at Delta de l’Ebre, the sun was going down, as I was driving my car I suddenly saw a Little Egret making some strange movements on the water.

“It seemed to me that the bird was dancing a strange kind of dance on the water when it suddenly made a fast movement to catch a fish.

Pic by Carles Maso Vares / Caters News 

“This kind of bird usually remains still of walks slowly when they are looking for some food but this one was an exception, it had its own ritual – the fishing dance.

“Then it took off and left, maybe looking for some more victims or perhaps looking for some other audience to amaze with its skills.”