They’ve Gone Bananas! Giggling Gorillas Can’t Stop Laughing In Hilarious Snaps

These side-splitting snaps show the funnier side of monkey business.

The photos were taken by waitress Shirley Kroos, 31, who managed to catch the two gorillas cracking up on camera at Apenheul Zoo, Netherlands.

The two chimps pictured are called Jabari, a six-year-old male, and Tayari – an eight-year-old female.


Keen wildlife photographer Shirley, who holds an annual pass for the zoo, grabbed the funny photos at the end of last month and said she had just been admiring the animals when the cheeky chimps seemed to erupt into laughter 

Shirley, from from Schiedam, said: “They were sitting next to each other, they cuddled a bit then they looked at me and the other gorilla fans and they started to laugh and seem to be having a blast about something.

“They were probably having some gorilla fun, checking out all those crazy humans and their camera’s and making fun about them.

“Telling each other good jokes about the humans and how silly they are for liking the gorillas so much.”


Shirley couldn’t help but laugh herself when she looked back at the photos she had taken and realised how much of a rip-roaring time it seemed they were having.

She added: “I had a big smile when I looked at the photos after shooting them and I was really excited that they had turned out so well and couldn’t help but laugh out loud seeing these two share a moment like this.

“I had a really great time with them, especially after not seeing them for a couple of months.”