They’re in a bit of a flap! Rare vultures fight over carcass!

PIC BY Clint Ralph/ Caters News 

These rare vultures got themselves into a bit of a flap when they fought over a carcass.

The birds used their wings and claws to attack each other in the bitter clash, which was captured by photographer Clint Ralph.

Clint, 54, said they flew directly at one another and there was a ‘loud clap’ as their wings struck.

PIC BY Clint Ralph/ Caters News

Clint praised the ‘once in a lifetime experience’ which he witnessed in the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa, but is glad neither of the birds were injured during the feud.

He said: “One of the vultures was on the ground at the carcass when out of nowhere the other one just appeared.

“The one on the ground launched himself up in defence and there was a loud clap from the wings striking each other.

PIC BY Clint Ralph/ Caters News 

“Fortunately neither were injured as these vultures are very endangered, but it was very exciting to watch.”

Clint, from Johannesburg, South Africa, added: “To see them is a privilege in itself, but to experience this interaction is just beyond words.

“I’ve never seen vultures fight before so I was very fortunate.”