They roo-ed his shot! Mob of cheeky marsupials invade golf course in perfectly-timed snap

Most golfers want peace and quiet to take their shot – and few could avoid being put off by a mob of kangaroos as they tee off from the greens.

But this perfectly-timed snapshot from Dubbo in Australia’s central New South Wales, shows the moment a pensioner realized he had company on his morning stroll.

Pic by Adam North/Caters News

Richard North, 79, spotted the 30-strong troop gracing the greens when he reached for his camera – and one of the females even struck a pose with the pole.

Father-of-two Richard, a retired optician, said: “It saw I was coming and just held the flag which I thought was incredible.

“They came to the greens to eat, it’s the best grass out.  You have to bear in mind we’re in a drought area here.

Kangaroos can be dangerous, and there have been a few attacks on the course. But these ones were just curious.”

Pic by Adam North/Caters News

Richard said the 27-hole course has been overrun as the marsupials continue to be squeezed out of their natural habitat due to housing developments.

Kangaroos are often spotted in large numbers on golf courses to feed on the lush green grass – but it’s not always a peaceful exchange.

Last month, a NSW politician called for response to tackle a spate kangaroo attacks on tourists on nearby on the New South Wales central coast.

Pic by Adam North/Caters News

Richard said the mob bounded off in shortly after he took the image last month – but does not believe this group pose too much of a menace to locals on the fairways.

He added: “Sometimes you have to wait for them to hop across, but they take off pretty quickly.”