They hate being naked – Two adorable monkeys play fancy dress with there very own wardrobes!

Pic From Caters News – (Pictured:Superman is Diddy and Batman is Yeti )

These are the adorable videos of two monkey’s playing fancy dress with their very own wardrobes.

Matthew Crown, 29, and Gabriella Katia, 24, from Miami, Florida, own monkey’s, Diddy and Yeti Kong, who they’ve had since they were just a few weeks old.

The inseparable monkeys are never seen without an item of clothing on, whether it be vests, hats or sweaters, Diddy and Yeti are always ensuring they’re nice and warm.

Now with a wardrobe for all their clothes, it’s impossible for people to walk past the duo, who are Common Marmoset and Hybrid Marmoset monkeys, without being asked about their fashion sense.

Matthew said: “It’s impossible to go anywhere without someone stopping and asking about them.

“It’s amazing how many people even recognize them on the street, the pair hate being naked and are always wearing an item of clothing.

Pic From Caters News – (Pictured: Diddy) 

“Especially Diddy with his signature vest since he grew such a massive following.

“As animal lovers, we’re trying to utilize his following for good by donating to animal charities.

“We recently partnered with the Klique App who is donating to an animal charity of our choice through downloads.

Pic From Caters News – (Pictured: Diddy) 

“We’re also doing some contests for private face times and meet and greets.

“It’s amazing how much people love Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong.”

Pic From Caters News – (Pictured: Yeti) 

Both Diddy and Yeti go travelling with Matthew and Gabriella and even have their favourite stop to climb.

Matthew added: “They come with us often when we travel and love going out for walks. They love climbing in their favorite tree in Naples too.”