There’s no ‘eye’ in team! Rescue pugalier with no eyes has own ‘guide dog’ thanks to pooch pal

Meet the adorable rescue pugalier who has no EYES but runs around without any problems thanks to her pooch pal stepping up to be her very own ‘guide dog’.

Nine-year-old Rosie was born with just one eye but had the other one surgically removed in 2015 due to having a permanently blocked tear duct.

The blind pup, who was rescued by Jadie Cooley when she was one and a half, bounced back just one day after her surgery – going on walks and navigating furniture with the help of her furry friend Diesel.

Now Rosie always stays close to 13-year-old eurasier Diesel who was also rescued by Jadie when he was nine years old.

The pugalier, a pug and cavalier King Charles spaniel mix, uses her smell to follow Diesel everywhere – even when the helpful hound ‘leads her astray’.


Carer and dog walker Jadie was advised by people to put Rosie down when she started suffering with her sight.

But the 26-year-old said the resilient pooch is proof of what a great life blind dogs can lead with the support of a loving ‘pack’.

Jadie, of Baldock, Hertfordshire, said: “I broke down when I went to pick Rosie up after her operation.

“It was such a shock seeing her with no eyes even though I knew it was coming. I was sad for her.


“But after just a day she was getting around like she normally would. She gets around the house – although we can’t really move any furniture. And she loves going on walks.

“She just follows around Diesel. He’s like her seeing eye dog. They’re a pair of sweet oldies. They’re a funny looking couple but they’re great together. They’ve always been so close.


“Diesel does lead her astray sometimes and takes her off to places she shouldn’t really go. Then you see the panic on her face when she realises she’s too far away from me.

“People told me before Rosie’s surgery that maybe the best thing would be to just put her down but they have all regretted it now they’ve seen how well she’s doing.

“She is an example of how dogs can cope with losing their sight. She does great.


“She’s a bit unsure about coming down the stairs in the garden so I built her a ramp and she just splays her front legs and slides down it.

“Since losing her sight, her smell is even more heightened. She knows where absolutely everything is. A dog will walk past on the street outside the house and she knows it’s there.

“A lot of people say to me ‘I’m sure she can still see’ but she’s got no eyes so she definitely can’t.

“Rosie has always been really playful but it is a struggle to find toys for blind dogs so I cut a hole in a tennis ball and put a little bell in there so she can hear it. She loves it.”


Odd couple Rosie and Diesel share their home with two Brussels griffon pups Mei, 13 months, and Hanzo, one.

Jadie, who is a carer for her 43-year-old mum Lisa Ross, said that while Diesel and Rosie have their age and wisdom in common, the youngsters do their bit by keeping things fun.

And the dog lover’s mum has her own furry foursome – one-eyed pug Lily, four, two-year-old pug Luna, leonberger Blaze, six, and Brussels griffon-pug cross Eddie, 11 months.

All eight dogs love nothing more than spending time together and going out for long walks with Jadie.


As well as having Diesel to follow around, it is also having the support of her mishmash pack of pups that keeps Rosie so spritely since losing her sight.

Jadie said: “Rosie was born with one eye but the tear duct was blocked so her eye wasn’t getting the lubrication it needed. It was slowly getting more and more worn down.

“Her eyesight was going and it was really hurting her. Diesel used to sit and lick it all the time to try to make her feel better. It was really sweet.

“After a few trips to the vets I decided to go ahead with the surgery. It was an easy decision to make because I just couldn’t watch her suffering anymore.


“She is such a great dog, everyone loves her when they meet her. She is a lovely little thing.

“I got her from a rescue but I don’t know about what she went through in the past. She was actually a surprise from my mum. I just came home one day and she was there.

“And Diesel was actually in a seven-day kill shelter in Ireland but we saved him. We didn’t know anything about him at all but he arrived in a week and he is such a good boy.

“Rosie and Diesel have been close ever since we got them but all eight of the dogs are the best of friends.


“We have always had lots of dogs – we’re a bit dog mad.

“Because I’m my mum’s carer, I take my four around to see hers a lot and they all go on walks together.

“Sometimes the younger ones get on Rosie and Diesel’s nerves but they definitely keep them young. The older ones will join in with playing when they fancy it.

“Without the pups I don’t know if Rosie and Diesel would still be here.”