The journey is irrelephant – Elephants travel to get water from leak in water pipe in drought

For these African elephants, the journey is irrelephant – as they can be seen walking miles to get water.

Shot in the Tsavo National Park, Kenya, a herd of elephants can be seen continuously walking in search of water.

Pic from Caters News

As can be seen by their surroundings, the elephants are searching for water during a drought.

However, no journey is too far for these elephants, and after elongated walking they finally find a water source.

The elephants result to having to drink water from a pipe during the drought – and can all be seen taking it in turns to quench their thirst.

This footage was taken by Shazaad Kasmani in September 2017.

Shazaad said: “A small family of elephants traverse the dried Savanna searching for grass and water during this prolonged period of drought in Kenya.

“A mother and her calf come across a water pipe that has a tiny leakage.

Pic from Caters News

“They cleverly use their trunks to suck in the water and also take turns to share, sipping the little water that they can get.

“I have not seen this particular behaviour before in the wild – but I am not surprised. Elephants are quite creative and highly intelligent mammals.

“It’s very interesting behaviour to watch, but it is also heart wrenching to see what the animals must do to try and survive during the drought.

Pic from Caters News

“The much anticipated monsoon rains did not arrive in many of the Kenyan National Park’s this year – so there is practically no grass around.

“Many of the natural waterholes and river beds have been dry for almost a year now as well.”