The hunter becomes the hunted! Roles are reversed as brave Buffalo chase away lioness and make her fall into river

By Jamie Smith 

The hunter became the hunted when these brave buffalo chased away a lioness.

The herd of buffalo were grazing in the Masai Mara, Kenya when the lioness crept up on them preparing to strike.

Pic by Nistar PS/Caters News

But the roles were dramatically reversed when the buffalo spotted the threat and chased the lioness away as the rest of her pride, including her cubs, watched helplessly on.

The brave buffalo eventually cornered the lioness forcing her into a stream before walking away victorious.

The remarkable moment was caught on camera by wildlife photographer, Nistar PS.

The 47-year-old, originally from India but now living in Dubai, said it was extremely rare to see such an extraordinary altercation.

Pic by Nistar PS/Caters News 

He added: “The full lion pride was on our side of the stream watching these scenes helplessly.

“The lioness was sad as it was chased away from its babies and that feeling can be seen on its face throughout the chase.

“We could also see the reason why buffalo are included in the ‘big five’ and this episode shows how strong they are.

Pic by Nistar PS/Caters News

“This is a rare sight of counter attack and personally I started respecting these huge herbivores. They show unity is strength.

“If we stick together, we can achieve anything in this world.”