The Greatest Showbird! Acrobatic Gannets Show Off Tricks For Flock

 These show off gannets defied the rest of their flock to perform spectacular acrobatics above their heads.

Married dad-of-two Clint Ralph, 57, snapped the seabirds at Lambert’s Bay, off the west coast of South Africa, earlier this year.

The waste management and recycling business director, who has been taking wildlife pictures for the last six years, spotted a colony of thousands of gannets – but only a few were displaying some more unusual moves.


Clint said: “Because the island is so heavily inhabited by the gannets, they need to hover above their nest to find a spot to land amongst the crowds.

“Their acrobatic performances were quite magnificent to watch.

“Because of their size and bulk, they also have a ‘runway’ they hurtle down to build up enough speed to get sufficient lift to take off.

“I felt elated when I captured the images – it is always exciting to get a good image after a day’s work.”