The great masters of disguise! Incredible pictures showing how nature plays hide and seek

Stare at these pictures for long enough and you might just spotsome clever creatures playing an impressive game of hide and seek.

These amazing animals are true masters of disguise blending effortlessly into their environment as a means of survival in the natural world.

Pic from Ardea/Caters News: Snow Leopard – camouflaged in wild.

Pic from Ardea/Caters News: Snow Leopard – camouflaged in wild

From frogs to fish and bugs to birds this collection of images, from a whole host of photographers all over the world, shows the animal kingdom’s outstanding ability to blend into the background.

For humans the power to be invisible is something many of us can only dream of, but for a whole host of animals, camouflage is the best tool they have in the constant struggle to survive.

Pic from Ardea/Caters News: Leaf Frog – close up camouflaged in leaves

Pic from Ardea/Caters News: Common Caiman – buried in mud at end of dry season

Animals use two basic methods of concealment in a bid to hide from predators and catch prey. These are general resemblance and special resemblance.

With general resemblance animals use colour to blend in with their background until they are almost invisible.

Pic from Ardea/Caters News: Bat-faced Toad

Pic from Ardea/Caters News: Dead-leaf grasshopper

This method is most commonly associated with chameleons but other creatures including spiders and the Hymenopus Coronatus – also known as the Orchid Mantis – adopt this tactic when hiding and hunting.

Special resemblance sees creatures use a mixture of shape, colour, texture and behaviour to make them appear like something else in their habitat such as a leaf or a twig.