The behemoth bovine dubbed ‘big moo’ who weighs more than a tonne


Is this the biggest cow in the world? meet the behemoth bovine dubbed ‘Big Moo’ who weighs more than a tonne, is taller 6’2″ at the shoulder… and he’s still GROWING.

The earth literally MOO-ves when this Guernsey cow runs around his paddock near Glencoe, in South Australia, which he shares with his normal-sized companion Little Moo.

At 14-foot-long Big Moo is longer than most family cars but despite his Goliath proportions owner Jo Vine, 50, said he is a gentle giant who loves nothing better than a scratch and a tickle.

Last year the official world record holder, a cow called Blosom, from the USA, died and as it stands the title for the largest cow on the planet remains unclaimed.

And unlike his UDDER rivals it’s thought Big Moo might still be growing despite being around seven-years-old because of an undiagnosed condition which might make him produce excess growth hormone.

Grandmother-of-three and midwife Jo, who lives with her dairy farmer husband Phillip, 54, said the reason Big Moo was saved from the freezer wasn’t his massive size to begin with.

PICTURES FROM CATERS NEWS/ FRANK MONGER  - At 14-foot-long Big Moo is longer than most family cars.

PICTURES FROM CATERS NEWS/ FRANK MONGER – At 14-foot-long Big Moo is longer than most family cars.

She said: “My husband works on a dairy farm and he owns some cows on the herd, so when they produced a male which usually go off to the not very nice place male calves go to, I said well ‘why don’t we hand raise him, and put him in our freezer’

“So he came home, and we hand raised him just like every other normal cow that we have hand-raised but he was just such a different cow that we decided we couldn’t put him in the freezer.

“The truth is it’s his personality that saved him from the freezer. Calves when they reach a certain age can get a bit annoying, and bash you and knock down fences. They can be a bit unpredictable. But Big Moo has always been calm and lovely and that’s why we kept him really.

“He loves being scratched and patted and played with, he’s followed me around since he was a calve. He used to rest his head on my back and off we’d go and do my walk around the paddock. He could shove me six-foot into the dirt but he never has.”

Jo said Guernsey cows are naturally a smaller breed but Big Moo is easily as big as much larger breeds and he’s so massive she thought he would break their horse float when they moved him.

PICTURES FROM CATERS NEWS/ FRANK MONGER  - Big Moo and his normal-sized companion Little Moo.

PICTURES FROM CATERS NEWS/ FRANK MONGER – Big Moo and his normal-sized companion Little Moo.

She said: “We have had to move him before in a horse float which I usually carry two big horses in and when we had Big Moo in there you could feel he was heavier than both the horses, we thought he was going to break the float.

“Because he’s a dairy breed you wouldn’t expect him to weigh as much as meat producing breed but Big Moo is solid. But he’s a gentle giant, if he’s lying down the grandkids can run up to him and pat him and scratch him, and I can lean on him.”

Jo thinks Big Moo, who is a steer, meaning a castrated male, might weigh more than a tonne easily but he’s always gentle with her grandchildren aged three, four and five.

She said: “We’re fairly used to him, people have said he’s big for a long time and I would say ‘yeah he is isn’t he’. But I a group of friends come over quite recently and one of them said ‘Jo, he’s just massive’ and took a picture of him

“You measure a cow at their shoulders so nearly right above their front legs, we have tried to measure him and we’ve got around 190cm or a bit more, which is around 6’2”, but he could be taller because it’s quite hard to measure a cow in the paddock.

“The thing is he’s a Guernsey cow which is usually a smaller size as well, so for his breed he’s even more enormous because he’s bigger than the breeds which should be bigger than him.

PICTURES FROM CATERS NEWS/ FRANK MONGER  - Big Moo weighs more than a tonne.

PICTURES FROM CATERS NEWS/ FRANK MONGER – Big Moo weighs more than a tonne.

“The former record-holder Blosom died last year, but she died which is a bit sad, so we don’t know if Big Moo might now be the biggest in the world.

“He’s about seven years old, but he’s still growing, he should have stopped by now. We’re pretty sure he’s still growing, we’ve had to move him recently and if he is still growing we think the most likely explanation might be his has a tumour on his pituitary gland – which means he produces excess growth hormone.

“His appetite is enormous, we have another cow out there who we call Little Moo. They are in the same paddock together and he’s just fat but Big Moo is big all over, his bones are big, his legs are big, his head is massive.

“We haven’t approached Guinness World Records yet, but we just think he’s so big it would be great to have an offical measuring. We haven’t weighed him officially but we know he’s heavy.”

In August 2014 and American Holstein cow Blosom took the record for the world’s tallest cow at 190cm, but she passed away last year. There have been other cows competing but as yet no other has claimed the crown since Blosom’s demise.