The bark off – Dog joins his owners in cooking tasty puppy treats

Pic by Caters News

This cute pooch thinks he’s Nigella Paw-son with how much he loves to cook – helping his owner make tasty puppy-friendly treats.

Paddington, the one-year-old Pomeranian, puts on his little chef’s hat to feature in videos with his owner, Cayla.

The duo have been making cooking videos together since November, and have made all kinds of pet-friendly treats – from red velvet cupcakes, to birthday cakes, to pasta dishes.

Paddington continually causes chaos in the kitchen, trying to eat all of the food before it’s finished – but Cayla’s viewers think that makes the videos even cuter.

Cayla Gallagher, from Toronto, said: “We either get one response or the other to our videos.

“Everyone either loves it and can’t get over how cute are videos are together, or they get very confused and start claiming I’m being ‘cruel’ because they don’t realise they’re dog-friendly recipes.

“But all in all, videos with Paddington do better, people loving him watching the food being made and his overall involvement.

“And obviously they love his little chef’s hat now!”

Cayla, 26, has been making YouTube videos for over four-years now – but only involved Paddington in them one month after she got him, in October.

Cayla added: “I had wanted to get Paddington for years, but I wanted to make sure I had a full time job and could support him.

Pic by Caters News 

“Our first video together was one that I worked on with Pottery Barn, and we did a video making dog treats.

“At first, he sat on my lap, and I thought that might would well – but it didn’t.

“So then I thought I’d get him his own little chair in the studio and he could sit next to me and just watch.

“When I first started filming and he would jump up on the side and start licking the food I thought it would look rubbish.

“I’d stress that the shot was ruined because he’d started eating.

“But then looking back at the footage I realised how cute it is, so I let him do it.

“And my subscribers liked it too, all of the comments would be asking for him back, and his videos got more views and likes as well.”

Pic by Caters News

Cayla finds the inspiration for her recipes online and in cook books, but always has Paddington’s tastes in mind.

She said: “He loves cream cheese, so I use a lot of that.

“For viewers, I’ve realised that puppy food that is made to look like human food works best – it’s the cutest way of doing things too.

“If I’m in the kitchen cooking and Paddington knows I’m preparing something for him, he will cry and cry.

“Luckily I shoot my videos in a different room, so I can shut him out of the room when I’m filming the human-food videos.”

Since ‘Paddington’s Pantry’ – the cooking series that Cayla has created for Paddington – has done so well, she is contemplating getting another pooch to join.
“I love Paddington so much, and I’ve always wanted another dog.

“I’m debating either getting another Pomeranian or a Pug…

“Either way I think I’d include another into the videos.

“They’d either be together, or have their own separate series most likely.”