That’s un-bee-leaf-able! bee buzzes around with a little help from leaf broomstick

This busy bee shows no signs of slowing down as it appears to buzz around at super speed on a broomstick made from a leaf.

The inventive insect was captured in this un-bee-leaf-able shot by UK carpenter, Colin Vanner.

PIC FROM Colin Vanner / Caters News

The 58-year-old spotted the unusual sight while eating lunch outside in his back garden in Drayton, Portsmouth last week.

He explained the leaf-cutter bee was merely moving leaves to make a nest but couldn’t deny the funny timing of the photo.

He said: “I watched the bee going back and forth carrying bits of leaf whilst eating lunch on the patio.

PIC FROM Colin Vanner / Caters News

“It was taking them under a plant in the corner of a concrete planter.

“It would come back about every 15 to 20 minutes so I set up a camera and tripod and kept a lookout for it. I got this shot just before it entered its nest.

“It uses the leaf to make a nest for its young to live in.”