That’s Ill-eagle! Eagles’ Fight Caught On Camera

The shocking images show the fight between two eagles- the angry birds are clawing each other mid-air.

Jessica Blokland van Diën, 33, from Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Netherlands, was determined to photograph the eagles and travelled to central Poland to do so.

PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News

But she didn’t expect to get quite such exciting pictures when she started photographing the first bird.

She has been a photographer for five years and she prefers to focus on animals, such as big felines, owls and prey birds.

She said: “In the Netherlands we have about a dozen of white-tailed eagles spread over the country but seeing them is quite rare and if you see them it is usually high up in the sky or from a far distance and almost never more than two at the same time.

PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News

“Being intrigued by these powerful creatures I made it my mission to capture them.

“I drove all the way to central Poland ,where a lot of eagles come together in the wintertime, to try to capture them from a hide.

I’ve spent three days in the hide and at some point there were 25 eagles in front of it, some of them only a few meters away.

PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News

“Even though they come together does not mean they are social creatures. If an eagle came to close to an other bird or tried to steal it’s food it would turn out into a fight sometimes between several birds at once.

“The fights look very aggressive but it is more showing of who is boss than wounding each other what you see in the photo’s is mostly powerplay between one and other.

“Seeing and capturing these animals truly is an amazing experience.”

PIC FROM Jessica Blokland van Din/Caters News