That’s got to hurt! Flexible giraffe kicks his friend in the neck!

Pic by Thomas Retterath/Caters News 

Don’t annoy this giraffe – he just kicked his friend in the NECK!

The Kung Fu King was spotted in Botswana, Africa, as the two giraffes fought for dominance.

Thomas Retterath, 53, says he’s often seen the mammals fight, but they usually do it by banging their heads against each other’s bodies.

Pic by Thomas Retterath/Caters News 

Thomas, from Germany, said it was the first time he’d seen such aggression from the animal, who are typically quite docile.

He said: “Normally they bang their heads against their competitor’s body, but here it was different.

Pic by Thomas Retterath/Caters News 

“The smaller of the two made use of his size to get under the other’s hind leg to knock his balance, but somehow it didn’t work.

“Then the other just kicked him, I felt bad because it must have heard.

Pic by Thomas Retterath/Caters News 

“What was strange though was that it happened in total silence.

“It lasted for about 10 minutes then they went their separate ways as if nothing had happened.”