That’s cracking! Adorable baby chicks pose up a storm with kiddy’s toys

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That‘s cracking! Have a look at these adorable baby chicks posing up a storm with kiddy‘s toys.

Alexandra Daley-Clark, 41, from Maine, United States captured the heartwarming photographs.

Alexandra – who is a professional photographer – snapped countless shots of her pet chicks next to her son’s models.

This was a creative attempt to sell them to a new home.

Pic by / Caters news

The endearing baby chickens can be seen modelling next to toy dinosaurs, balancing on top of racing cars and relaxing next farm animal props.

The array of hilarious photographs capture these little animals like you have never seen them before!

Alexandra said: “Just like any mother of aactive five-year-old boy, I aalways looking for fun and educational things to do with him.

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As I gathered up each chick for their own personal photo shoot, an idea hatched in my brain – why not photograph the chicks on my son’s toys?

“I was trying to come up with an eye-catching way to attract attention to my for sale advertisement.

“My photos of the chicks with the dinosaurs are my favourites.

“To top it all off, the marketing effort worked, nine of the chicks moved in with a nearby family who has two little girls to keep watch over them.”

Pic by / Caters news