That’s barking mad! Ingenious farmer keeps 10,000 turkeys in check using former sheepdogs

By Mikey Jones 

 An ingenious farmer is keeping his turkeys in check during the busy run up to Christmas – by herding them with sheepdogs.

 With 10,000 birds to control, Steve Childerhouse, from Whews Farm in Norfolk has drafted in the help of his trusty Border Collies, Pip and Tilly.

 And the clever canines are making easy work of the unusual task assigned to them – herding around 10,000 turkeys from one place to another in a record 45 minutes.

 Steve, 47, said Pip and Tilly, who are both four-year-old rescue dogs, had risen to the challenge and he’d be lost without them, especially at this time of year.


 He said: “Border Collies have two sides, on the one hand they’re very loving and on the other they’re very focused. It’s not hard to get them into work mode.

 “They picked it up really quickly. Obviously, we had a few hiccups at first but everyone including the turkeys now know where they’re meant to be and what they’re meant to be doing so things have gotten a little easier.


“It might not be what most people consider to be normal but it’s the norm for us and it’s really obvious they enjoy their work.”