Tentacles away from disaster – pictures show near miss for diver as giant octopus ‘attacks’

These dramatic photos show the moment one diver got more than he’d bargained for.

Snapped by 37-year-old Eli Wolpin off the coast of British Columbia, the photos show a giant octopus wrapping its tentacles around a diver.

Pics From Eli Wolpin/Caters News

Eli said: “A group of us had come over to Vancouver Island for the weekend to do some wreck diving for the weekend.

“On our second day, we had decided to head over to Madrona Point, just north of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

“It’s a site I know well and is known for an abundance of wolf eels and octopus. Wolf eels and octopus usually reside in cracks in the rock face, and shy away when you approach.”

Pics From Eli Wolpin/Caters News 

“As we entered the water we saw a pod of sea lions pass by.

“Suddenly someone started flashing a light at me.

“I looked down and directly below was a large giant pacific octopus.

“It was moving towards Glenn. He outstretched his arm towards the octopus. I had seen this before where an octopus gets curious and is interested in touching a diver, but I had never seen what was about to happen.

Pics From Eli Wolpin/Caters News 

“The octopus reached out to Glenn and started to crawl up his arm until it had fully enveloped his head. I was furiously taking photos hoping to capture the moment.

“It remained there for about 30 seconds and then came off of him and headed straight for me. I kept backing up, until it sunk under a rock, scaring out a red brotula.”