“Tender moment rare bornean orangutan leans in to kiss her newborn baby

Tampas Lowry Park Zoo / Caters News 

THIS is the tender moment a rare Bornean orangutan leans in to kiss her newborn baby.

New mum Dee Dee was snapped cradling her little girl just days after her birth at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

The endangered primate was born weighing just three pound earlier this month.

Tampas Lowry Park Zoo / Caters News

The zoo discovered mum-of-five Dee Dee was pregnant back in October using a human pregnancy test.

Dr. Ray Ball, who works at the zoo, said: “Dee Dee continues to do well with her female baby. As an experienced mother, she didn’t show any signs of any possible issues.

“We determined that Dee Dee’s baby had turned during one of her regular ultrasound exams.

“Careful monitoring and pre-natal care are important, but so is privacy.

Tampas Lowry Park Zoo / Caters News

“With veterinary medicine, the baby determines the day of birth, but the mom determines the time.

“With no signs of a high risk pregnancy, we let her take care of the labor naturally – she determined when it would be time to deliver her baby.”

The zoo in Florida is currently home to a group of seven endangered orangutans.

The baby is the tenth Bornean orangutan born there.

Tampas Lowry Park Zoo / Caters News

General curator Chris Massaro said: “This is a significant birth for the entire critically endangered Bornean orangutan population.

“It’s important to have the community along for this journey. We hope Dee Dee’s story inspires the public to become advocates for this incredible species and learn about the perils they face in the wild.”