Tear-jerking moment baby monkey clings to dead mother as it tries to wake her up

This is the tear-jerking moment a baby monkey was spotted tightly clinging to its mother who died of electric shock in India.

The incident occurred in a market area in Lakshmeshwara, a city in Karanataka in southern India, when locals found a baby monkey tightly hugging its dead mother sitting next to a pole.

Its mother had died of shock while trying to climb an electric pole but the baby wasn’t ready to let its mother go.

When locals tried to take the body of the monkey for final rites, the baby run into her mother lap, burrowing itself and tightly clung to her lifeless body.

In the video shot by locals, the desperate baby is seen wrapping its arms around its mother’s motionless body- mystified as to why she is not moving and trying to wake her up, mewling plaintively.

Despite several attempts, the tiny monkey did not budge. The locals then smeared the animal’s body with vermillion and decked it up with garlands as a show of last respect.