Talk about a trout pout! Trunkfish photobombs diver in hilarious underwater selfie

Pic by Vladislav Starastsenka/Caters News

This is the hilarious moment a trunkfish stopped for a selfie with an unsuspecting diver.

Vladislav Starastsenka was busy snapping away, during a dive in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, when the bluetail trunkfish blundered into the shot and stopped for a quick picture.

The 23-year-old, from Belarus, was stunned to capture the image and only discovered his amazing marine mugshot back on dry land.

He said: “I really wanted to get a photo of any fish but it turned out to be very difficult because they were all afraid of me.

“This bluetail trunkfish was different though.

“She absolutely didn’t seem to care that I was swimming next to her and as a result she suddenly swam right up to me and I managed to capture this funny shot.”