Stunning underwater shots capture moment Kingfisher dives for food

By Iain Watts

A photographer has captured remarkable underwater images showing the moment a kingfisher created a splash after diving to catch its dinner.

The stunning bird is pictured plunging into the water grabbing one fish in its claws and one in its beak.

PIC BY Juanita Knowles/Mercury Press

Another image shows the creature, known for its beautiful colouring, below the surface just moments after it enters the water.

The images were taken by Juanita Knowles at a tank hide in Hampshire last month.

PIC BY Juanita Knowles/Mercury Press

Juanita, from Ringwood, Hampshire, said: “They are such a beautiful bird.

“When they dive there’s that flash of blue – so to see one close up is fabulous.

“I was there for about four to five hours, sat in the hide as they can’t see you because you’re camouflaged.

“Then I poked my lens through the open frontage to capture the shots.

“I was chuffed with how the pictures turned out.

“This particular kingfisher had not dived in a couple of years so I was so lucky to have got it.

“Kingfishers will dive in very shallow water – sometimes as shallow as two inches and this was two feet deep.”

The mum-of-two said she’s been taking pictures for the last three years and loves wildlife photography.

PIC BY Juanita Knowles/Mercury Press

Juanita said: “I like it because nothing is a given in wildlife photography. It’s the unpredictability of it.

“If you get that picture you’re looking for it’s such a magic experience.

“You can sit for hours, I once sat for 11 hours to get a picture of a kingfisher. If you get something there’s such an adrenalin rush. It’s a real thrill.”