Stunning snap captures David and Goliath face-off between buzzard and wasp

A David and Goliath-style face off unfolded between a buzzard and a WASP – as the bird of prey and tiny insect were photographed staring each other down.

The stunning snap appears to shows the 1.3cm wasp staring straight into the eyes of its buzzard foe, which measure around 50 times its size at roughly 58cm long.

Capturing the face-off between the duo, which unfolded in Newport, Wales, on September 19, was no mean feat for photographer Adam Hobbs who took almost 400 snaps over eight hours in order to get ‘the one’.


Despite photographing wildlife for seven years, 34-year-old Adam from Braunton, North Devon, said he has never seen anything unfold like it.

Adam said: “I like the way the buzzard and the wasp are looking at each other – I like the whole scene of it really.

“It’s sort of like they are trying to stare each other out – a stand-off.

“The buzzard was sat down on a post and when I saw the wasp approaching, I snapped it.

“I was looking for that specific photo but I didn’t think I was going to get it. I think I took about 397 images and luckily one of them was the one.


“It’s just one of those things wildlife, you can’t tell them what to do.

“The buzzard had just been sitting there eating. The wasps were around because there was food around.

“There were loads of wasps around the buzzard, hassling it but it was a matter of waiting to get that one photo.”

Since sharing the snap with friends and fellow photographers, Adam says the unusual face-off has drawn a lot of attention and praise.

Adam said: “On social media I’ve had so many likes and god knows how many comments – most of which were telling me I must enter the photo into a competition.

“A lot of people commented on the fact I’d had the patience to sit there and wait for ages and managed to capture it.

“I like the photo because I’d just never seen anything like it before at all.”