Stunning pictures of fire-breathing stag

These stunning photos show a stag appearing to breathe fire on a misty British morning.

Pic by Will Snow/Caters

The photo reveals a lone stag standing in tall grass –he lifts his head and ‘bellows’ into the early morning quiet. It was shot in late September, against an early backdrop of bright golden orange.

Pic by Will Snow/Caters

It was Will Snow, 32, who took the photos in his local Bushy Park. Will works in IT but is particularly interested in Wildlife Photography and he believes that he captures an amazing moment. He said: “It was a magical morning where all of the elements came briefly together. The sun, stags and mist are my favourite combo when it all comes together.

Pic by Will Snow/Caters

“The stag is ‘bellowing’ in to the sunrise mist, making his breath light up like fire from a dragon.
Will comes from Teddington in Gloucestershire and he says his love of wildlife photography was confirmed by his honeymoon to beautiful Madagascar.

Pic by Will Snow/Caters News 

“Photography is just my hobby. I mainly photograph the scenery and wildlife at my local park, aiming for sunrise when the forecast is right. And I can drag myself out of bed – in the summer months the sun rises just after 4.30am!”