Stunning images show pride of lions gathering in darkness for drink at a waterhole

By Jamie Smith

A pride of lions have gathered together for a drink in the darkness at a waterhole in these stunning snaps.

Photographer, Seyms Brugger, 39, was visiting the Umgodi Sleep-Over Hide at Zimanga Game Reserve, South Africa, when he spotted the lions drinking.

Pic by Seyms Brugger/Caters News

The captivating images, taken last month, show the pride of lions staring up at the camera as they drink together in the darkness.

Seyms said: “The photos show the local Zimanga Lion Pride arrive for an early evening drink.

Pic by Seyms Brugger/Caters News

“The pride members include two pride females and three sub-adult cubs. The pride males were not present.

“The series of photos focuses on the various moments when the lions were drinkingat the waterhole.

Pic by Seyms Brugger/Caters News

“From the lead female drinkingby herself, to the sub-adults joining, to the whole pride drinkingat the same time.

“It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. To have lions drinking, at eye level, a mere three metres away from you, is an absolutely surreal feeling.

Pic by Seyms Brugger/Caters News

“While you are 100 percent safe behind the one-way glass and the hide that you are in, you still feel very vulnerable knowing and seeing just how big lions are when they are so close to you.”