Stunning Images Capture ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Shot Of Rare Free Roaming White Tigers

A photographer captured the incredibly rare sight of the world’s only three remaining freeroaming white tigers playing together.

Clint Ralph’s beautiful images show the trio of snow white Bengal tigers – a mother and her two cubs – playing in the water at the Tiger Canyon reserve in Philippolis, South Africa.


One of his shots, taken last month, captures two of the distinctive big cats playing together in the water while another shows the third perfectly reflected as it approaches the water.

Clint, 55, from Pretoria, South Africa, said: “This was a very special sighting as these are the only three freeroaming white tigers in the world.

“There are a few kept in captivity in zoos but this mother and her two cubs are on a reserve where tigers roam free.


“I was thrilled when I saw them.

“It was so awesome to watch and then photograph them playing in the water.”

Clint, who owns a recycling and waste management company and has been taking pictures for five years, said the mother’s third cub is orange, while the father of all three is also orange.

The 55-year-old, who was invited to Tiger Canyon to photograph the animals, said he was impressed by the reserve.


He added: “It’s an incredible and ambitious project to build a reserve where tigers can roam free and catch their own game.

“The intention is to develop a gene pool outside of the Asian continent as insurance for the endangered species.

“With the poaching and habitat decline this project hopefully will be able to assist in the growth of the world’s free roaming tiger population.”