Stuffing puffin: cheeky puffin spotted with beak full of sand eels

These adorable puffins got caught on camera with their mouth full!

The cute seabirds were in the middle of their meal – tasty small fish – when these stunning photos were captured.

PIC BY Ali Abdulraheem / CATERS NEWS

Ali Abdulraheem, 21, from Kuwait, is a civil engineering student and shot the photographs during a trip to Skomer Island in Wales earlier this month.

He first started photography to record family occasions and summer trips but he began specialising in wildlife photography in 2014.

PIC BY Ali Abdulraheem / CATERS NEWS

Ali said: “It was my first visit to Skomer Island, so I was shocked by the huge number of puffins and other seabirds around.

“It’s an amazing island full of Nature and wildlife.

“We were on The Wick, the most popular part of Skomer, photographing puffins which were feeding their chicks all day long.

“They were feeding them with sand eels.

“It was a challenging trip as we had a very changeable weather – a mixture of mist, rain and some sunshine.

“But thanks to the great group I was with we were able to get the best of it.”