Strictly cub dancing! Cheetahs show off slick moves in dance sequence

By Jake King

This pair of cheetah cubs could be auditioning for the next season of Strictly Come Dancing as they show off their elegant dance moves.

A photographer has captured the amusing moment the pair look as if they’re taking on the tango, standing on their hind legs and holding each other.

Pic By: Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

The sibling cubs were full of energy as they pranced around in the Masai Mara, Kenya, last month in pictures taken by photographer Clint Ralph.

Clint, 56, from Gauteng, South Africa, said: “We found these cheetah cubs early morning when they were still full of energy.

Pic By: Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

“They would race around ambushing each other and then jumping in the air to wrestle each other.

“This went on for quite some time.

Pic By: Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

“It’s a form of training for when they are adults and need to catch their own prey.”

The dad-of-two said, who has been taking pictures for six years, said there were three cubs aged around one-year-old playing with their mother.

Pic By: Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

Clint added: “I was on a photo safari looking specifically for cats.

“When I saw these images I felt elated, it is seldom you catch cheetah cubs playing out in the open.”