Strictly come prancing: posing antelope appears to audition for dancing show

If Ola Jordan is keen to get back on Strictly Come Dancing after getting kicked off in week one here’s her perfect partner – an antelope ready to dance the foxtrot.


The incredible pictures that appear to show the antelope performing his dance moves were captured by Steve Catt while on safari in Kenya.

The 56-year-old couldn’t believe his luck when captured the photograph of the usually shy animal stood on its hind legs, performing for the camera.

Steve, from Surrey, said: “He was looking straight at me. I was more surprised than anything because he looked very comical.”

Steve Catt, 56

Steve Catt, 56

The moment came while Steve was on a photography trip in Samburu-Buffalo Springs National Reserve in Northern Kenya.

This particular type of antelope, the gerenuk, is known for being skittish so Steve couldn’t believe it when he began to show off.

Steve, who took the photographs from his vehicle, said: “The antelope was just browsing on a bush, when it jumped up on its rear legs to browse higher up on the bush.

“The gerenuk remained in that pose for about two minutes and I managed to get the photos before it wandered off.”


According to Steve, jumping onto their rear legs is not unusual behaviour for antelope when browsing the bush but he says he has never seen one standing as upright.

Despite the incredible shot, perfectionist Steve was not completely satisfied.

He said: “I was quite happy with the shot, the only exception being small branches in the way. But seldom in wildlife photography is everything perfect.”