Strictly buck dancing! Playful deer pull off their best dance moves and play hide and seek

These deer would look more at home on the set of Strictly Come Dancing than in the forest as they pull off well-timed dance moves.

Dancing Deer

Strictly buck dancing: The two deers practice their dance moves

Standing tall on their hind legs the pair seemed to be moving in perfectly in time with each other as though ballroom music was playing.

Dancing Deer

Pictured on their hind legs, the two animals appear to dancing

But the rhythmic deer were actually playfully rutting – and even stopped for a quick game of hide and seek in the bushes.

Dancing Deer

Seen in Richmond park, London, the two deer were actually playfully rutting

Keen photographer Bartek Olszewski, 32, snapped the spectacular scene in Richmond Park, London.


Dancing Deer

The two animals then went on to play a game of hide and seek

Bartek, a cleaning supervisor from Southwest London, said: “I was so lucky – I saw these two rutting stags rising up high into the air.

“It only lasted a few seconds so I sank to my knees and snapped away as fast as I could.

“People then began jesting – saying they look like dancing deer.

“Wildlife is unpredictable so can surprise you at any time, I have to always be ready.

“What fascinates me most is to find deer and enjoying the natural behavior without noticing my presence.”