Stop monkeying around! Perfectly timed picture captures monkey riding giraffe

This cute little monkey appears to be taking a ride on the back of a giraffe after being caught in this perfectly timed photo.

Photographer, Dirk-Jan Steehouwer, 48, who lives in a small coastal village called Noordwijk aan Zee in The Netherlands, was at the Murchison Falls National Park, in Uganda, when he spotted his opportunity to take the perfect photo.

Dirk-Jan Steehouwer/Caters News

Dirk said: “On this safari day we first spotted the male and female giraffe on a nice hillside in the beautiful grass.

“Just a bit further some monkeys were playing around a small termite hill with some bush and a dead tree branch.

We moved over to the cute playful monkeys and shortly after the female giraffe moved behind the back of the dead tree and the playing monkey family.

Dirk-Jan Steehouwer/Caters News

“At that time the female giraffe stopped for a very short moment, and while there was a lot of movement in the monkey family I was lucky one of them “climbed” on the back of the giraffe for a couple of seconds.

“It was the awesome moment. I looked back at the camera screen I felt so happy.

“This is what I do it for, fantastic moments when nature keeps on surprising me and motivating me to go back and back.”