Stop being seal-ly! Amusing photo shows cheeky elephant seal sticking its long tongue out

Amusing photo shows cheeky elephant seal sticking out its long tongue in ultimate SEAL-LY shot.

Jody Aldridge, 29, captured the amusing mammal posing while on Carcass Island, the Falklands, which she found hilarious.


She spent the day watching the clumsy animals squabble and snooze before spotting one in the waves that she hoped would do something ‘amusing’.

In the photo, the large elephant seal flaps out it’s length tongue in a amusing way similar to the ‘Whassup?’ expression popularised in Budweiser beer commercials of 1992.

In the Falkland Islands, there are believed to be 600 breeding elephant seal females – the massive mammals can weigh up to 4.5 tonnes and measure up to 20ft.

Jody, who works in accounts and lives in Islands’ capital, Stanley, enjoys looking back at the photo as it reminds her of the beauty of her archipelago home.

She said: “I had spent a little while with a group of elephant seals, which I think are very amusing seals.


“They seem so clumsy and awkward, although I am sure this isn’t the case.

“At this time of year, they tend to ‘laze’ around more and have small squabbles with each other.

“The facial expressions which they have seem to be highlighted by their beautiful big eyes.

“I had noticed this particular seal ‘paddling’ in the shallows by the beach and decided to focus on him instead of the ones on the beach, in the hope he would be doing something a little more exciting than snoozing.

“As I was taking the photo I did laugh, I hadn’t seen one ‘poking his tongue out’ before, so it does give him a very playful expression.

“I am pleased with the photograph – my time at Carcass Island was amazing and I loved being able to visit somewhere new with a huge variety of wildlife and fantastic scenery.

“I enjoy being able to look back at all my photos, especially unexpected ones such as this.”