Stegosaurus Turtle – Butterflies Turn Turtle Into Dinosaur After Landing On Back

A turtle has been transformed into a Stegosaurus after a swarm butterflies landed on his back.

The amazing images taken by Hubert Janiszewski, 43, taken earlier this year [February 26, 2019] showcase nature at its finest.

PIC FROM Hubert Janiszewski/Caters News

Hubert was visiting Mabuasehube Game Reserve, Botswana, South Africa, when he spotted the turtle being bombarded by a swarm of butterflies.

The butterflies can be seen clinging onto the turtles shell which appears to transform him into a dinosaur known as a Stegosaurus.

Hubert, a photographer and marketing analyst from Warsaw, Poland, said: “I was stood at the Lesholoago waterhole when I noticed a big leopard tortoise trying to get out of the water.

PIC FROM Hubert Janiszewski/Caters News

“When I looked closer through my binoculars I was amazed to see that there were swarms of butterflies sitting on the tortoise while he is emerging from water – the scene looked absolutely spectacular and extra-ordinary.

“I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to get some pictures and some video footage.

“But with the time we started to realise that the tortoise was trapped inside the waterhole.


“So, the sighting which was pure joy and delight at first moment, became quite emotional for us.

“When I was sure there are no other animals around I walked out from the car, and quickly removed the turtle from the pool. At first moment he became a little stressed and hid inside his shell, but he quickly realised that suddenly he is free and he can go on his own way.”