Starstruck! Playful seal caught on camera playing with colourful starfish

This playful seal was certainly seeing stars – as he put on a performance for a group of divers while playing with this colourful starfish.

British marine biologist  David Robinson, 41, from York, was treated to the display as he swam with the group of seals off the coast of La Paz, Mexico.

David Robinson / Caters News

The inquisitive young seal swims around and around with the starfish – almost as if he knows he’s posing for a photo.

David said: “This was an exhilarating day. I was visiting the town of La Paz in Baja California, Mexico and myself and three friends had arranged to spend a day diving with a local Californian sealion colony.

David Robinson / Caters News

“The sea lions had recently pupped, and so there were a lot of juveniles playing in the water. They were so much fun to photograph.

“The sea lions interacted with us for the entire day, and even though the water was very cold, we enjoyed every moment, staying all day.

David Robinson / Caters News

“The juveniles were very bold, grabbing hold of my fins, biting my housing and port and, snatching starfish off rocks and playing with them. Sometimes they would drop and chase the starfish, and othertimes they would pass them between each other or play a game of chase.

“This interaction with these charismatic sealions was certainly a highlight of my visit to Baja California, and I will definitely be returning in the future.”