Staggering beauty! Photographer captures serenity of stag at sunrise

A photographer captured the moment a majestic stag strode through the forest at dawn.

Max Ellis, 46, an artist from Teddington, Middlesex, photographed the stag in London’s Richmond Park yesterday morning [October 10].

Pic by Max Ellis/Caters News

The photos show a more serene side of the animal during the usually volatile rutting season, set against a spectacular background.

Max said: “I actually prefer the moments of quiet between the bouts which are hard to convey in a single frame. I stay away from the gangs of photographers that fill the park at this time of year.

“The solitude and beauty of the dawn are as important to me as the photographs.

Pic by Max Ellis/Caters News

“It is a time to replenish my soul before a day in the studio.”