Squirrel hilariously face plants into safari sand after playful scrap

Pic from Caters News Agency 

Playtime did not go quite to plan for one squirrel who ended up with his head in the sand.

Hendri Venter, 56, from Pretoria, South Africa was in the right place at the right time when he caught an African ground squirrel face planting the ground on camera.

Hendri was on a photo safari at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana when he watched the excitable squirrels leap about which ended when one hilariously hit the sand face first.

Pic from Caters News Agency 

He said: “Because they’re so fast and you look through a small viewfinder, sometimes one only see what exactly happened when reviewing the images.

“To be able to get a some sharp in focus images after a couple of hours photographing in the sun is always a bonus.

“These little creatures are lightning fast and to try and capture them close as possible to full frame through the camera’s viewfinder is always a challenge and one’s concentration must be at the highest level.

Pic from Caters News Agency

“African ground squirrels love to play and mock attack each other in the sun when it’s not too hot.

“You must always be aware what is happening around you as possible situations might develop for good photographs.”