Spotted! Adorable rare baby clouded leopard born weighing just under a pound makes her first appearance

A RARE baby clouded leopard has made her first appearance since she was born earlier this year.

Little cub Neofelis nebulosi – who weighed just half a pound at birth – was born at the end of February.

Pic by Nashville Zoo /Caters News

She is part of the sixth litter for eight-year-old mum Lom Choy and dad Luk.

The couple have been paired for mating since they were one year old and have been having litters since 2011.

Nashville Zoo is now home to nine clouded leopards.

Spokesman for the zoo Dr. Heather Robertson said: “We hand rear our cubs because it allows this normally nervous species to become acclimated to the sights and sounds of human interaction, typical in an exhibit environment.

Pic by Nashville Zoo /Caters News

“Cubs that are hand reared are known to allow for easier keeper interaction and reduces stress in the animal.”

Clouded leopards are listed as “vulnerable” and protected in most range countries.