Splash, splash he’s taking a bath! Grizzly bear enjoys refreshing dip during scorching temperatures

This bear’s found the perfect way to chill out during a heatwave after being snapped relaxing as if taking a cool bath.

The Russian grizzly bear was pictured looking serene with his eyes closed and stretching out to hold his paw in what looked like a slick yoga move.


The snaps were taken by professional photographer Tony Rose at Minnesota Zoo in the US last week when temperatures hit a whopping 35 degrees.
Tony, 30, said: “It was a hot day, probably about 35 degrees. I’d taken a trip to the zoo with some friends in the hope of getting some cool snaps.
“The bear was looking for a way of cooling down so decided to take a dip and stretch out.
“There are a couple of Russian grizzlies. One was sleeping and the other was relaxing in the water.
“It almost looks like he’s doing a yoga position – like he’s stretching out his back and legs.

“He was in that position for a few seconds and then went under the water.

“I was trying to get some good images of the bears and this was my favourite.
“I’d photographed a bear a couple of years ago but from a distance, so it was great to get a bit closer and get that shot.
“They’re great animals to photograph because they can quite human-like.”

Video producer Tony has been taking pictures for about eight years and uses a Canon E5 13 Mark III.
Tony said: “I really enjoy taking pictures of nature and wildlife – it’s nice not having to tell someone to pose and just letting them be as they are.
“I feel a lot of pride and a sense of accomplishment when I get a good shot. I was really pleased with how this one turned out.”