Splash down! Adorable bear cub loves playing buckaroo with its mother in river

An adorable bear cub can’t get enough of playing BUCKAROO – as it hangs onto its mum splashing about in a river.

Buckaroo Bear

The adorable bear clinging to the back of its mother

His mum was attempting to catch a fish supper for the pair as the plucky cub continued to jump on her back.

And as she was concentrating on her meal the young bear became a distraction.

Buckaroo Bear

The mother bear has spotted dinner and runs to catch its meal

So she sprung into life with him on her back before he was tossed into the water much to his delight.

Buckaroo Bear

The hilarious moment the baby bear plays the real life, Buckaroo

Keen photographer Lisa Sidorsky, 49, captured the playful scenes while visit the Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA.

Buckaroo Bear

Splashdown: Unable to hold on, the cute cub falls into the water

The snapper, from West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, said: “The mum just wanted to fish so she removed the cub from her back to try and catch food.

“The young grizzly would keep trying until its mother allowed it to climb on her back – only to be playfully thrown off time after time.

“What fascinates me most about bears is the difference between the reputation they have and their actual behaviour.

“They are strong and powerful, yet very gentle, beautiful and curious creatures.”