Spectacular array of starlings shape up in pink winter sky!

Pic by Alan McFadyen/Caters News 

Alan Macfadyen, 47, who runs Scottish Photography Hides which specializes in wildlife hide rental, took witnessed the formations while on his own shoots.

The amazing pictures were taken throughout the past winter months two miles east of Kirkcudbright in Scotland.

The starlings look to be using their imagination as together they imitate everything from a snake to a squirrel, a whale to a tornado and of course a love heart.

Alan said: “These are Starlings congregating in mass just before they roost. They can travel up to 50 miles from different directions to meet and roost together.

Pic by Alan McFadyen/Caters News

“Most of these birds will have flown over from Scandinavia and some from as far as Russia. They travel here to escape the harsh Winters they have over there.

“In some of the photos you will see them tightening up and this is known as murmurating, sometimes they do this with out notice and for no apparent reason.

“At other times it is done when a predator such as a Sparrowhawk or Peregrine Falcon are attacking the flock looking for a meal.

Pic by Alan McFadyen/Caters News

“The feeling I get makes me appreciate the natural world we live in. Sometimes I would just put the camera down and soak up this phenomenal event.

“It is surely on par with the Wildebeest migrations in Africa and to have such a sight on my doorstep makes me appreciate it even more.

Pic by Alan McFadyen/Caters News – (Pictured: Alan McFayden captures a flock of starlings near Kirkcudbright in Scotland.) – SEE CATERS COPY.

“When reviewing the images it’s always nice to see what shapes, compositions etc that you have obtained.” He said.