Sometimes your flubber suit isn’t enough – Seals embrace in cuddle on beach

Pic by Annett Mirsberger / Caters News

These seals are showing that maybe their flubber suits aren’t enough – as they can be seen huddling together for a cuddle.

The mother is pulling her baby in for a cuddle, ensuring optimum warmth on the German beach.

These pictures were taken on a boat trip from Cuxhaven to Helgoland, in Germany.

Annett Mirsberger captured these images at 11o’clock in the morning – showing their early morning cuddles.

Pic by Annett Mirsberger / Caters News

Annett said: “I stayed for a while sitting on the beach, watching this peaceful scene – the baby woke up and crawled to the mama to make contact.

“They sniffed briefly and exchanged affections, then both eyes closed again and they slept peacefully again.

“Later she was suckled by her mother and when she was full and satisfied, they slept peacefully again.

Pic by Annett Mirsberger / Caters News

“It was very nice to be able to observe this, it shows again that animals also have a soul and a lot of feeling for their children.