Someone eucalypt-us? Crossfit koalas crash Aussie gym 

Australian gym-goers were stunned to find their workout crashed by some adorable intruders who proved humans aren’t the only ones who value keeping fit.

Koalas are known for their sleepy nature, but when this mum and joey snuck into a Brisbane gym during a CrossFit session they were evidently looking to break a sweat.

Adorable snapshots and video show the pair scaling a squat rack and eagerly awaiting instructions from their trusty trainer at the The Results Room gym in Mansfield late last month before scampering around the gym.  

Head trainer Liam Kinzett, 22, said: “We had just started the class when they made their way across the floor.

 “I couldn’t believe my eyes: at first I thought: is that a rat? A rabbit? It’s just something you never expect to see.

“They were super chill and didn’t seem too bothered. They just climbed the squat rack and watched us.

“The first thing we did was close the roller doors because there’s some busy roads around here, then called the RSPCA to collect them.

Pic by Caters News

Liam said the gym has seen a spike in visitors hoping to the cuddly critters will make another surprise visit.

Now, the gym is using the story to launch a fundraiser to raise money to better preserve local koala habitats.

Liam: “Some people were joking that we’re now the most inclusive gym in Australia. 

“The following day was one of our busiest ever, we had so many people coming to try and see if they would come back.

 “While I would love to welcome them in the future, it’s probably best for their safety if they don’t make a habit of it.

“That’s why we’re hoping the experience can help raise some awareness about urbanisation in the area.”

Pic by Caters News

While the behaviour of the adorable animals kept the class occupied, the photographs shed light on a sadder issue – the fact that tree clearing is displacing koalas across the nation. 

World Wildlife Fund Australia koala conservationist Dr Stuart Blanch, 48, said deforestation is forcing vulnerable native wildlife to put their lives in danger crossing busy roads in search of trees.

 Dr Blanch said: “There are very few restrictions on bulldozing koala habitats in Queensland. 

“Koalas have been listed as vulnerable and the key driver of that tree clearing 

“They don’t come out of trees lightly, and the reason for this visit is that their trees are being bulldozed.

“This is concerning but notwithstanding to say it’s quite common. 

“These animals are headed towards extinction and we urgently need stronger laws to protect them.”